Easing Hearts… A Self Expression Retreat for the Grieving
December 6, 2022

A multi-faceted event with workshops that let you experience a variety of ways to express your love and grief for someone who has passed.

About this event

Please join us to participate in 4 amazing workshops, 4 amazing workshops, all designed to explore love and loss and culminating in a concert where the music is actually designed by you as an expression of your grief and a symbol of your love.


Carin and Craig: Words and Music

Carin and Craig will be combining their talents to provide you with an experience that will actually transform your grief into music, allowing your love and loss to be captured in a soundtrack. It is our experience that music can reach far deeper than words during this time of grieving. After the event, you will receive a digital copy of the music created as a personal audio remembrance.


Kristen: Shifting Darkness into Light: A Moving Meditation Alchemizing Grief into Love

Grief can sometimes feel like part of us has been broken. It can seem unimaginable what it would be like to ever feel whole again. These broken pieces, once imprinted as trauma in our bodies and psyches, can prevent us from accessing the love available through the loss of someone we love.

Experience a simple, verbally guided movement meditation for healing. In a nurturing space, gently reassemble the broken fragments within you by feeling, visualizing, and moving grief through your body. Transform the broken pieces into a sacred mosaic of healing and unconditional love. A list of materials needed will be sent to all participants.


Noah: The Courageous Care Workshop: How to Discover Self-Care, Gratitude and Healing for yourself as you Grieve

In the precious present moment, we have the opportunity to be a gift to ourselves. Being grateful is the path to being present and creates an inner eco-system of self-realization. We have the chance to create the courage to care for ourselves more deeply than ever before, when we grieve. Grief opens the door to the gift of grateful living in the unique way that is needed in our world and our lives, now more than ever.

In this workshop we will create the courage to be ourselves and in being ourselves discover new ways to be caring toward ourselves and toward those we love. A list of materials needed will be sent to all participants.


Joanne: Memories of Love Mobile

The loss of a loved one in our lives can leave us in a static space. The Memories of Love Mobile is a tool to create movement in your heart. When your heart opens, you receive messages from loved ones to notice what gifts are showing up for you. Using guided visualization, gratitude, and joyful laughter, this workshop leads participants to create a visual tapestry of love to honor the past and celebrate the future.

Each person will create a hanging mobile with five circles. The circles represent the gratitude and joy shared with your loved one. Using words and images, the hanging mobile will be a gentle reminder to support you through your grieving process. A list of materials needed will be sent to all participants.


Peaches: My Love is a Rainstorm… Writing Loss Back to Life

If your loved ones who have passed could be found in nature, where would you find them? In the glistening winter moon, in the tiny leaves of the Aspen tree that shake like laughing diamonds?

In this workshop, we will use traditional Haiku (which is concerned with nature and the seasons) to describe your loved ones, and we will celebrate, grieve, or heal… with the help of this ancient poetic form. We will create and contemplate how we can locate our loved ones around us in nature, even though they are no longer here in body. And we will experience how we can keep them with us, as long as we have language. Participants will leave with their own Haiku to remind them of where their loved ones can be found… A list of materials needed will be sent to all participants


About the Facilitators


Craig Addy

Craig is the musician who listens to the listener. His purpose as a creator and performer is to provide nurturing, healing, and beautiful musical experiences that make a better world for all. During his healing Under the Piano sessions and piano performances, Craig asks his listeners, “What are you dealing with? What is your experience of life right now? What are your dreams? What are you creating?” Their answers are his inspiration for improvised piano music that captures the essence of what is shared, at an emotional level.





Kristen Mangione

Kristen is a dance alchemist, visionary choreographer, performer, healing artist and teacher. She is committed to transforming the World through dance. She is the creator of LILA- Dance Alchemy for the Soul, the synthesis of her over 20 years of dancing and practicing the healing arts professionally. Dance Alchemy is part movement meditation and part healing journey, which anyone can do to release blocked energies, tap into the unconscious, and feel lighter, happier, and more secure.





Noah Gabriel Press McIntyre

Noah, a gratitude wellness coach and speaker, is the founder of The Discover Gratitude Movement. He holds a Masters in Arts and Social Science with a Concentration in Gratitude and Transformative Learning from Antioch University and has coached, mentored, trained, and developed community leaders, colleagues, and entrepreneurs in a diverse group of organizations. He has also created gratitude community building and wellness coaching programs with national and international educational organizations such as Antioch University, The Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning, and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.





Carin Mikos

Carin has been a registered nurse for over 25 years. She has worked in many different fields in nursing and has truly found her home in hospice. She achieved her End Of Life Specialists Certificate and with that launched The Quietus House, whose mission is to provide the opportunity for folks to have conversations about death and dying, what it looks like, and more importantly how to prepare for it, allowing the transitioning person and loved ones to experience love, loss, and wholeness in those final moments.






Joanne Morton

Joanne is an artist, speaker, event producer, community engagement expert and an activist. Her art and experiences help people activate positive energy within themselves so they go from feeling stressed and frustrated to feeling relaxed and motivated. Joanne brings her interactive creative experience, “Manifesting Mobile,” to communities and organizations to inspire sustainable action in the areas of cultural diversity, climate change, and other local and global issues affecting our future. Over 50% of the circles are about LOVE. We are Here to Love.





Peaches Udoma

Peaches has spent four decades as a writer, editor, writing instructor, program manager, journalist, coach, and educational administrator. She has written under the following names: B. Schoenholtz, B. Shanewood, Beth Udoma, Anna Soloviev, and P. Udoma. She is the program manager of Wealth and Impact Bootcamp, an immersive training for those who aspire to both global impact that uplifts the planet and the wealth to match it. She loves being alive and causing the self-expression of others.