Piano Journeys Online
August 2, 2020
11:00 am
West End, Vancouver
Zoom Video Conference
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You are invited to Piano Journeys on Zoom
Craig Addy, piano
Sunday, August 2 at 11:00 am.

If you have been enjoying or wanting to enjoy my Piano Journeys on Facebook Live, here’s another more personal and intimate opportunity. On July 3, I did my first Zoom performance. A number of guests commented on how they enjoyed the more personable and intimate nature of the event. They appreciated being able to talk with me and to see and talk with each other.

Piano Journeys
These events can have a more expansive palette of musical moods, emotions and textures. What happens is partially up to the listeners. For these piano improvisations, I encourage you to share an Intention or short story that you’d like me to re-create musically. It’s a fun challenge for me and a more personalized experience for you.

Entrance to this event

I’m exploring a practice called the Gift Economy. For this event, there is no ticket price. At the conclusion of the event, you can show your gratitude for the experience by contributing what the experience was worth to you or, if that value is more than you can currently afford, the amount that you can give (that can be $0 if that is where you are at). A variety of forms of payment can be accepted as well (a direct PayPal.me link, eTransfer, Credit Card). Other options are to help spread the word about another upcoming event or to support me with a small monthly contribution through my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/CraigAddy

The intent is that participants who want to be at this event are free to be there and not constrained by financial circumstances. The Gift Economy trusts that what I need to support myself will come back to me and that it need not necessarily come from all the immediate recipients of my gifts. It’s an experiment that I am keen to explore whenever possible.

As I am limiting participation, please only reserve a seat if you can promise to be there. (Wellbeing concerns and life emergencies excepted of course).

This online event will be
hosted with Zoom Video Conferencing. Login information will be provided
after you reserve your spot.