Playing from the Heart with Serge Mazerand & Craig Addy
October 28, 2017
7:00 pm
St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church, 1022 Nelson Street, V6E 4S7
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Acclaimed improvisational pianists Craig Addy and Serge Mazerand combine their gift for healing with music at St Andrew’s Wesley United Church on October 28th during a benefit concert from 7.00 PM to 9.00PM. Serge Mazerand, also author of an award-winning book, 7 Keys to Serenity– Creating Harmony Within offers to inspire the audience by interweaving powerful insights from his book.

Serge and Craig both share a common passion for the healing, nurturing and transformational qualities of music. They look forward to creating an inspiring and nourishing evening of improvised music inspired by the words and thoughts in Serge’s book.

Making a difference

Your participation will support Act Now, an Emergency Response Fund in which 100% of donations go to disaster relief.

For this concert, 50% of proceeds from ticket and CD sales and 40% of proceeds from book sales will be donated to Act Now. 100% of our donation goes directly to emergency relief with 85% of our donation responding to this designated emergency and 15% responding to future emergencies that do not receive intense media coverage. Donations to Mission & Service enable the United Church to cover all of the costs of Act Now emergency response work without deducting any fees.

For more information on donations to the  United Church’s Mission & Service and the Act Now Emergency Response fund visit these webpages.

Giving Choices

Act Now

Thank you to our sponsors St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church and Showcase Pianos for providing the glorious venue and the magnificent piano for this event.

Here’s a video with Serge creating some beautiful music at the piano. He shares his ideas and inspirations for the music he creates.

Learn more about Serge here:


Here’s a video with Craig improvising an Elegy.

Learn more about Craig here: