Your Stories Told in Music with Craig Addy
December 19, 2021
11:00 am
Zoom Video Conference

I remember many Christmas eves with my family. It is late and the lights are dimmed. The house is decorated, polished brass and silver gleam, and many candles are lit. Everything glitters and glows and the aromas of pine and cedar fill the room. Then my parents play beautiful and peaceful Christmas carols on the stereo. The magic of that annual experience remains with me powerfully still.

~ Craig Addy (as described on his album Christmas Improvisations)

The essence of those wonderful memories is what I bring to my improvised Christmas carols. Even though I do not actively practice a formal religion, I do to this day love and cherish the many traditional carols of the Christian Church.

As I don’t have a guest painter or artist lined up for this last Your Stories Told in Music for 2021 on December 19, I will be including 2, 3 or maybe more Christmas Carols amongst the selections of improvisations. As usual, I will be doing the unusual, and spontaneously re-creating the stories that you, the listener choose to share with me. Your experiences, intentions and dreams.

Do you have a favourite traditional carol? Let me know. Perhaps I’ll play it.

This is an interactive online experience. Craig’s spontaneous piano improvisations will brilliantly re-create your shared intentions, experiences, memories, and dreams. He encourages you to engage in dialogue and share your video during this event to create a rich and connecting experience for everyone. However, you are always welcome to participate in whatever way works best for you. That could look like turning off your video, simply sitting back and listening, or sharing in the chat.

I cannot express in strong enough words how engaging, beautiful, and frankly healing Craig Addy’s music is during these challenging times. Even beyond the wonderful music, the gathering’s real magic was from the folks who showed up and shared their emotions, intentions, memories, and dreams.

Craig is practicing the gift economy for this event. What does that mean?

It means there is no prescribed or required fee to participate.

This isn’t quite the same as saying it’s free. The problem with offering it for free is that people may not see it as valuable. They’ll sometimes come in with low expectations and low commitment. Furthermore, I want to honour the years of practicing and performing and the months that I spent making these concerts the best I possibly can online.

The solution is I let YOU choose the event fee. You can contribute now, during or after the event.

You can choose an amount that feels right to you given:

  • Your financial means
  • Your anticipation of value
  • Similar events on the market
  • What represents a gesture of commitment
  • Your desire to support my continued work
  • If your financial means are limited, then you can choose a token amount or even zero.

That makes this event accessible to everyone.

If you’d like to contribute in advance, you can do that here:

Craig will record this event and portions may be shared publicly. However, any portions shared that identify you in any way will only be shared with your permission.


Craig will record this event and portions may be shared publicly. However, any portions shared that identify you in any way will only be shared with your permission.