Improvising with my left hand only

Another adventure in creativity as my right shoulder recovers.
Improvising with my left hand only.

Not long ago, I posted a video on FaceBook about one of the unexpected gifts of improvising. It’s the ability to adapt your playing with unpredicted limitations. You can watch that video to see what I created at

This incident of a damaged rotator cuff (right shoulder) reminded me of a time long ago when my right arm was out of commission for a whole year. I describe the details in this video.

Anyhow, it inspired me to sit at the piano and try a little improvising with my left hand only. I wish I had been more adept and active with improvising back when I had that other injury. it would have provided so much more musical joy and fulfillment. This is yet another gift of being able to improvise.

Have a listen and see what you think of my left hand only improvisation. I’m only imagining what would happen if I improvised with one hand alone more often. All kinds of new ideas and neural pathways would emerge.

Hmm. Maybe I shall take it on, even when both hands are functioning normally.

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