In April 2017, I hosted two Hidden Treasures Piano Salons.

These are unique intimate gatherings of up to 10 people in my home studio. These impromptu Piano Salons were so fun that I plan to do them regularly.

What a fabulous night of improvised music by Craig Addy of Under the Piano. Craig has an unmatched ability to take our ideas (setting sun, midnight sail, lovers’ journey, spring day) and improvise music to match. What a great way to spend Easter Saturday. Looking forward to next time!

– Baila Lazarus

Guests have the opportunity to create ideas in conversation that then inspire a spontaneous piano improvisation. Opportunities to lie under the piano and to purchase a recording of the evening’s music are also available.

If you are interested in attending one of my scheduled Piano Salons, check out the “LIVE” page to see if I have any scheduled. My primary method for notifying interested people is by text. If you want to get first dibs on an upcoming Piano Salon, contact me at [email protected] and provide me with a mobile number to which I can text message an invitation. Do not provide me with a landline number.

Book your own Piano Salon

A client recently booked one to celebrate his birthday with his friends. An incredible way to get connected with people you love and share an experience they will never forget. You can purchase your Piano Salon over in the STORE but you will want to contact me first to discuss dates and logistics.

To receive invitations to my scheduled Hidden Treasures Piano Salons, text or email your mobile phone number to  604-662-3053 or [email protected] with a note saying you want to be added to my Piano Salon text invitation list.

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You may also book and pay with credit card by phone at 604-662-3053 or send INTERAC eTransfers to [email protected]

If you have a specific date and time in mind for your Piano Salon contact me first to confirm availability.

You can email me at [email protected]

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