A Wonderful Musical and Spiritual Experience

“Under the Piano” is a unique and wonderful experience. Pianist and Improvisationalist Craig Addy welcomes you warmly at the door of his home studio in the heart of Vancouver. He offers you an optional glass of wine and engages you in a short, comfortable conversation where he intuits your expectations and desires for your customized session.

Later when you are literally under the piano he begins to play (brilliantly-he is a world class pianist). He improvises on the spot for you alone; your personal music never played before or never again. The music ranges from quietly gentle to passionately stimulating. It will touch your heart and soul. Musical vibrations envelop you. You can reach out and touch them back (the actual sounding board of the piano). Several pieces are created and recorded just for you.

My husband and I gave this experience to each other for Valentine’s Day and have booked it again for next year. You will absolutely love it just as we did.

Dr. Bruce C.

Bruce Chenail