Couple’s Under the Piano Package

As a gift to ourselves, my husband and I booked a session under the piano with Craig Addy. A very warm and welcoming professional, Craig first invited us to his couch and with a glass of champagne we shared a bit about ourselves with him. Under the piano we lay waiting, cushioned and cozy. As the music began, scenes played in my imagination like a dream experience. Walking amongst constellations. Remote streams of water. Bunnies persisting up a knobby hill. Midnight blue thunder storms. The Great Wave off Kanagawa painting coming into motion, throwing itself back and forth. Big keys landing and questioning my core. What is it that I am, if I am to accept myself. My husband enjoyed the experience as well – I think I had at least a dozen thank you’s from him afterward. A remarkable experience, hosted by a remarkable talent. If you can go, then go! As a keepsake, we opted for the recordings as well. Perhaps listening will remind us of this time or will create new experiences into the future. Thank you, Craig!

Lea Chambers