Piano Teaching – Cata Velicea

Learning how to play piano was a big dream of mine (as I have loved this beautiful instrument since I was a little boy) but I’ve never quite dared to venture into learning it, as in the past my uncle used to tease me saying that I was tone deaf.

I’ve known Craig for a while and I knew he was an amazing piano player, but I knew nothing about his teaching methods. However life, with it’s mysterious ways, had Craig and I cross paths enough times to encourage me to pursue this dream by asking Craig to give me piano lessons.

His method of teaching left me profoundly impressed. His patience, his charisma and the love for the instrument are infectious. His approach is quite unique, and even though I never took lessons from anybody else, I can sense his enthusiasm and the love for the instrument and teaching. I feel very comfortable and confident that one day not too long from now I will be able to express myself through music… and this is the catch: Craig doesn’t ONLY teach you a song or a 100… he teaches you how to express the music “trapped” inside of you… that in itself is a whole other ball game. His level of presence throughout the lessons will make your learning experiences very enjoyable and transformational. I am really happy I took the leap to study piano with Craig as I am beyond satisfied and honoured to be his student. I recommend to anybody interested in learning how to play piano to give Craig’s lessons a shot… go through one lesson and see it for yourself as these words don’t do much justice in conveying the experience.

P.S: …and guess what?… Craig helped me prove to myself that I am not tone deaf at all… : )”

Cata Velicea