Piano Teaching – Andrea Busse

I had taken more than 10 years of piano lessons when I was growing up, and once I was ‘allowed’ to quit, I never touched the keyboard again until just recently when I signed up for lessons with Craig. I knew it would be a battle for me as I had anxiety around teachers, lessons and exams leftover from when I was a kid. I had also only been taught one way where music was plunked in front of me and I had to ‘practice till perfect’ with someone hovering over my shoulder.

Craig’s approach is much different and I knew that if anyone could calm my anxiety around playing, it would be him. His calm demeanour and his understanding of what many adults have experienced is invaluable. We approach the music several different ways – some of which are easy for me, some of which are harder. What is most novel for me is learning from ear where he plays something, and I repeat it. Lessons with Craig are always relaxed where the theme is ‘let’s just see how this goes’. There is no right or wrong when playing with Craig. In fact, my favourite line of his was when I’d played something wrong, and he said “that wasn’t wrong, that’s just not what the composer wrote.”

So now I find I’m playing the piano for fun and enjoyment, which is a great feeling.

Andrea Busse