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Unique and Inspiring

What a wonderful way to re-connect with your partner and create new possibilities. Craig has a talent like no other. The fact that the music is organic and made just for you as he gets to know you, makes it that much better. Your personal, intimate, original custom made playlist. What a wonderful gift to give to that special someone in your life. Will be back many more times, I didn’t want it to end!

Tatiana Mersiadis
LY2NK Foundation

Wedding Gift from Beloved Father

This was really a unique and special gift given to us by my father who is a big audiophile the week before our wedding in the woods. The experience was so sensory and moving. I did find myself touched to tears at one point! My husband doesn’t listen to much classical music at all, but he really enjoyed the novel experience and was in awe by Craig’s talent. Craig’s personal approach made the experience feel truly custom-fit for us in that moment. Pre-wedding can be a stressful time. Finding out you’re pregnant the week before adds a bit of extra surprise! Having this hour just the two of us and our secret bump was beautiful. I can’t wait to play Craig’s MP3 to our little 19 week boy as now he can hear sounds!

Melanie Yu

A therapeutic and moving experience

Craig was so genuine in knowing more about me beforehand to make the concert as personable as possible, and so he delivered. Craig’s serene presence and free flowing talent took me through a timeless journey weaving through so many liberating emotions. I would definitely experience this again.

L.T Kwok

A Unique and Wonderful Experience

My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful experience at Under the Piano. Upon our arrival we were enveloped in calm, beautiful energy as Craig took time to share, learn about us and explain what we could expect during our session. This allowed us to be able to fully relax into the experience. Craig is very professional and a gifted pianist. The time under the piano was physically comfortable, and spiritually and emotionally joyful for us. Would highly recommend. Thank you Craig!

Jennifer Hess

My friend and I didn’t

My friend and I didn’t know what to expect going to our “Under the Piano” experience and we were pleasantly surprised. It definitely brings out emotions and hearing the beautiful music speaks to your soul. I recommend this for relaxation, reflection and for anyone dealing with grief. Every song was composed on the spot – amazing!

Liliana Ayala

Couple’s Under the Piano Package

As a gift to ourselves, my husband and I booked a session under the piano with Craig Addy. A very warm and welcoming professional, Craig first invited us to his couch and with a glass of champagne we shared a bit about ourselves with him. Under the piano we lay waiting, cushioned and cozy. As the music began, scenes played in my imagination like a dream experience. Walking amongst constellations. Remote streams of water. Bunnies persisting up a knobby hill. Midnight blue thunder storms. The Great Wave off Kanagawa painting coming into motion, throwing itself back and forth. Big keys landing and questioning my core. What is it that I am, if I am to accept myself. My husband enjoyed the experience as well – I think I had at least a dozen thank you’s from him afterward. A remarkable experience, hosted by a remarkable talent. If you can go, then go! As a keepsake, we opted for the recordings as well. Perhaps listening will remind us of this time or will create new experiences into the future. Thank you, Craig!

Lea Chambers

My Under the Piano experience

My Under the Piano experience was unique, capturing the tone of this moment in my life in a way that was grounding, fun, expansive, and of course musical. The friendly and comfortable environment added to the effort and talent that went into the session. Recommended!

Hugh Leschot

A Wonderful Musical and Spiritual Experience

“Under the Piano” is a unique and wonderful experience. Pianist and Improvisationalist Craig Addy welcomes you warmly at the door of his home studio in the heart of Vancouver. He offers you an optional glass of wine and engages you in a short, comfortable conversation where he intuits your expectations and desires for your customized session.

Later when you are literally under the piano he begins to play (brilliantly-he is a world class pianist). He improvises on the spot for you alone; your personal music never played before or never again. The music ranges from quietly gentle to passionately stimulating. It will touch your heart and soul. Musical vibrations envelop you. You can reach out and touch them back (the actual sounding board of the piano). Several pieces are created and recorded just for you.

My husband and I gave this experience to each other for Valentine’s Day and have booked it again for next year. You will absolutely love it just as we did.

Dr. Bruce C.

Bruce Chenail

AMAZING Experience

Our Under the Piano session with Craig was one of the most profound experiences that I’ve had in my life. I was so surprised by the range of emotions that each piece of music Craig created took me through and how the vibration of the music reverberated through my whole being. This has been an experience that I will never forget. Craig, you are a true Master – I am in awe of your talent and the experience that you created for my husband and I “under your piano.” Thank you!!

Gwen Waring

Catherine Wood

Thank you forever for the unique and beautiful experience a few weeks ago of Under the Piano! I was healed, moved, and inspired about the opportunity of romance, creation & imagination.

What you create with your music is magical. The particularly intimate perspective of being part of the music was blissful and absolutely priceless.

I was surrounded by the music; the vibration of the piano, the energized air, and the childlike experience of delight at my ‘sneaky’ location.

Thank you for the musical adventure & the bliss!

Catherine Wood

Alex Vachon

As I lied down on the silk pillows, under the piano, a sense of goodness and peace, not unlike when you step in a cathedral, permeated me. Here, under a roof of thick wooden beams going in all directions, I felt as if I could hide and be completely myself, whoever that is.

Such confinement, such freedom, suspended, between earth and heaven.

Time came to a stand still.  Silence.   I knew of a rendez-vous taking place.

Then you open the floodgates.  A river of vibrations swept my entire body. You made me feel connected with an instrument, a vibrational device that transformed every sensation into sweetness and passion.

Past, present and future disappeared. Traumatic events, joy, beauty, love all swept in one full wave of energy, then another wave, and another, the river kept me going strong. What a ride! I didn’t want it to end. All is beautiful. All is well.

Thank you Craig Addy for your Art.


Alex Vachon

Alex Vachon


Feeling calm, rejuvenated and taking in deep breaths of the ocean air, my mother and I walked along English Bay after spending the afternoon at the spa…Craig Addy’s Sound Spa. Ahhh. We had just been washed over with gentle rolling arpeggios and refreshed with lively sparkling explosions as we both melted into the pillows under the piano where Craig improvised for us a beautiful concert. This was a truly unique experience. I can’t wait for the next spa day!!

Dzee Louise

Trilby Jeeves

Immediately I was reminded of my childhood living room forts, crawling in and feeling extra safe and cozy. As an adult, I felt awkward at first getting under the piano, but rapidly enjoyed the instant secure feeling. For 40 minutes I went on a journey of my brain trying to tell me this was an odd thing to do, to traveling with the vibrations that Craig provided in an improvised way. The last image was an appropriate rich reminder of when I was a little girl dancing away, solo, to the classical records while the adults visited in the kitchen. In the end, I didn’t want to emerge from under the piano as I was in a blissfully relaxed state. Thank you, Craig

Trilby Jeeves

Jill Boadway

What a joy it was to receive the unique musical healing experience of your ‘Under the Piano’ session. It was delightful (I loved the child-like playfulness of crawling under the piano!) and also a powerful journey into sound vibration. Something I will never forget – especially the feeling of the music notes dancing through my heart.

From our initial discussion, I felt like you created a soundtrack or score for my life.

Afterwards I felt both peaceful and nourished: my mind was quiet and my body relaxed. Thank you for the beautiful gift of this personalized, improvised concert!

Jill Boadway

Janet Leduc

Under the piano was a peak experience for me. I started the experience with my usual chatter in my head, my mind quietened and I began to see a ray of brilliant colours engulfing my body and by the end it was as though my being was one with the piano.

Janet Leduc

Julie Cochrane

Thank you again for last night … what an incredible experience. After going through 3 incredibly stressful days, that was precisely what my mind and body needed last night to bring me back to my foundation, my centre. After coming off a long 5 stressful months of production from his series, it was also so great to see Ed just totally relax like he did and he even mentioned that in the elevator ride down that he would definitely keep you in mind if any of his productions are looking for music scores. You are a most impressive talent!

Julie Cochrane

Marilyn Anderson

As the music began, I lifted my hands and placed them on the sounding board and support beams. Sight, sound and touch sent the notes through every nerve and neuron simultaneously. This is somewhere between floating and riding a wave.

Under the piano, I experience no sense of time or order in thoughts. It is almost impossible to focus on the mundane lists in my head (I tried, just for fun. It doesn’t work that way, apparently).

What does happen is the most incredible sense of energy and relaxation, stimulation and well-being – all happening at once.

Maybe this is what all that ‘mind expanding drug stuff’ was all about. I can’t speak to that, but this version is incredible!

Marilyn Anderson

Jo Fung

The vibration of the music was so intense, it moved my body, my mind, and my soul. It was warm and personal, and yet intense and new. It is like dancing with yourself, while you lie under the piano quietly.

Jo Fung

Beatrice Scott

Vibrational healing is my first thought. And by my own personal composer too. The experience was unique and deeply relaxing. It has an emotional component and without words my emotions came to surface and I was ready and able to deal with them.

Beatrice Scott

A Pianist Who Teaches Piano

Lots of teachers teach because they don’t play well. Not the case here! Craig Addy is a gifted musician and improvisationalist who performs beautifully and regularly (witness his recordings on this site). He is also an excellent teacher. He quickly determines students’ specific needs and teaches at their individual skill level. He is a talented teacher with patience, a friendly nature and spends the time to create fun, interesting and unique lessons to help every student. I am fortunate to have finally found a good piano teacher.

Bruce Chenail

Piano Teaching – Cata Velicea

Learning how to play piano was a big dream of mine (as I have loved this beautiful instrument since I was a little boy) but I’ve never quite dared to venture into learning it, as in the past my uncle used to tease me saying that I was tone deaf.

I’ve known Craig for a while and I knew he was an amazing piano player, but I knew nothing about his teaching methods. However life, with it’s mysterious ways, had Craig and I cross paths enough times to encourage me to pursue this dream by asking Craig to give me piano lessons.

His method of teaching left me profoundly impressed. His patience, his charisma and the love for the instrument are infectious. His approach is quite unique, and even though I never took lessons from anybody else, I can sense his enthusiasm and the love for the instrument and teaching. I feel very comfortable and confident that one day not too long from now I will be able to express myself through music… and this is the catch: Craig doesn’t ONLY teach you a song or a 100… he teaches you how to express the music “trapped” inside of you… that in itself is a whole other ball game. His level of presence throughout the lessons will make your learning experiences very enjoyable and transformational. I am really happy I took the leap to study piano with Craig as I am beyond satisfied and honoured to be his student. I recommend to anybody interested in learning how to play piano to give Craig’s lessons a shot… go through one lesson and see it for yourself as these words don’t do much justice in conveying the experience.

P.S: …and guess what?… Craig helped me prove to myself that I am not tone deaf at all… : )”

Cata Velicea

Piano Teaching – Jill Schroder

I came to Craig for instruction in improvising after having enjoyed his concerts and been inspired by his playing. I found Craig to be gentle, encouraging, creative. He presents the material of the lesson, and the exercises to practice in a visual mind-mapping graphic, which I found fun and useful. I highly recommend Craig as a teacher for anyone wanting to develop their piano playing, or improvisation skills, in particular for adult learners, either new to piano, or with a background with other instructors. Craig offers a warm pleasant atmosphere in which to learn, and a style that is supportive of the full range of learners.

Jill Schroder

Piano Teaching – Andrea Busse

I had taken more than 10 years of piano lessons when I was growing up, and once I was ‘allowed’ to quit, I never touched the keyboard again until just recently when I signed up for lessons with Craig. I knew it would be a battle for me as I had anxiety around teachers, lessons and exams leftover from when I was a kid. I had also only been taught one way where music was plunked in front of me and I had to ‘practice till perfect’ with someone hovering over my shoulder.

Craig’s approach is much different and I knew that if anyone could calm my anxiety around playing, it would be him. His calm demeanour and his understanding of what many adults have experienced is invaluable. We approach the music several different ways – some of which are easy for me, some of which are harder. What is most novel for me is learning from ear where he plays something, and I repeat it. Lessons with Craig are always relaxed where the theme is ‘let’s just see how this goes’. There is no right or wrong when playing with Craig. In fact, my favourite line of his was when I’d played something wrong, and he said “that wasn’t wrong, that’s just not what the composer wrote.”

So now I find I’m playing the piano for fun and enjoyment, which is a great feeling.

Andrea Busse

Piano Teaching – Quisha Girard Lau

If you’re looking for someone who is light hearted, fun and committed to your development, PICK CRAIG!  I had the pleasure of many private lessons with his gentle, creative spirit.  He is patient and great at finding multiple ways to explain something if needed.  He is great at delivering bite sized information so you have time to process and integrate what you’re learning.  Give him a chance to enhance your experience with music, and get to chill with a beautiful human being…win-win!

Quisha Girard Lau

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